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staffing services to both IT and NON-IT services. Our specialist staffing consultant discovers the ideal candidates and diminishes the sagacity hunting compulsion on companies.

When our client demarcates their requirements, terms of appraisement, and duration on contract, our team provides the indispensable talent. We allow the clients to hire the candidate or contract to hire role with flexible payment terms.



Provides best candidates to interview

Conduct interview

Make selection & offer

Conduct satisfaction checks every two weeks


Executive Search

We understand the science of organizational structure and what great leaders can do and we are passionate about delivering the best leadership and singular industry focus and end to end solution with detailed feedback to our clients.

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Mass Hiring

An eminent sagacity in bulk hiring or mass recruitment and the use of linguistic analysis our professional execute tremendous talent expeditiously.

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Asia Pacific Hiring

Staffed with experts recognized for the depth of their knowledge and a track record of making an impact. The client is directly benefited from comprehensive experience in Asia Pacific Region.

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Payroll Management

With CHANAK’S expertise, we can only focus on client’s vital day-to-day business activities without having cogitation about wasting time or money or their employees' payroll.

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Senior & Mid Hiring

We understand that every industry has its particular artifices regarding administration style. Specialized professionals trained and committed and have in depth knowledge of IT and NON-IT domain to execute exceptional talent acquisition solution with dedication, continuous pace, discerning industry clear-sightedness.

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